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About Us

GLE is leading the charge to Combat Climate Change with Sustainable Bio-Feedstocks
  • The biofuel industry is shifting towards sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.
  • The demand for renewable energy products like biofuels is growing.
  • Countries worldwide are promoting the use of renewable energy and setting targets for reducing carbon emissions.
  • GLE aims to leads the way in sustainable bio-feedstocks and renewable energy products.
  • Embracing the transition to a sustianable future includes investings in biofuels and supporting GLE.
About Us

The Urgent Problem: Unsustainable Fossil Fuels and Climate Change

Fossil fuels are a finite resource and emit harmful greenhouse gases contribute to climate change.

The world's growing population and increasing energy demands have made it clear alternative, renewable resources of energy are necessary to combat climate change and ensure future energy security.

Without a transition to more sustainable forms of energy, the effects of climate change will become more severe, with impacts on the environment, the economy, and society as a whole.