Your Biofuels Crop Projects(a division of Global Leaf Energy Corporation) is our strategy for non-food crops, creating value from renewable materials.


GLE's Og Power Box is a major technology breakthrough. It will change the way home owners and small business owners manage their energy needs.


Developed from vegetables or animal fats, biodiesel is funtionally identical to pertoleum diesel. Adherents claim it pollutes much less than regular diesel.



Seeds & Plants

Jatropha Curcas has been in the news a lot lately due to its strong promise as a biofuels feedstock, especially because of its position as one of the few “sustainable, affordable, reliable, available” feed stocks suitable for aviation biofuels (Jet-A1Fuel).ext.


Construction & Development Services

Our experts are constantly developing innovative solutions to help reduce the risks involved in producing bio-diesel crops and improving your bottom line. We believe the best results come from a long-term partnership with our clients. That is why we get involved right from the beginning at ground zero and continue to collaborate throughout the lifecycle of the project. We can manage any project – small or large.


Crop Planning & Development Services

GLE provides a customized set of solutions and services to help customers design plan and manage commercial energy crop projects.


Global Leaf Recycling

GLE Recycling centers will produce ground-up bits of recycled tires to be used for tire-derived fuel. All of its recycled tire products will end up as fuel that burns hotter and cleaner than coal. Other waste products will also be collected, such as: plastic, cooking grease, used motor oils, animal products, vegetable oils and more.


Og Power Box – Off Grid Electric Generators

GLE’s Og Power Box is a major technology breakthrough in portable off grid power generators. It will change the way home owners and small business owners manage their energy/electric power needs.


Biodiesel Jet Fuels

Jatropha derived jet fuel (or a blend of Jatropha and petroleum jet fuel) are superior to petroleum derived aviation fuels. This Green Jet Fuel offers several advantages: Drop-in replacement fuel because a 50% blend requires no changes to fleet technology or fuel infrastructure Made from non-food, second generation feedstocks that don’t interfere with food, land or water resources Meets or exceeds all critical jet fuel specifications, Has shown higher energy density in flight, which will allow aircraft to fly further on less fuel ,Can offer a 65% to 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to petroleum-based fuels


Global Leaf Energy Corp.’s (GLE) goal is to be one of the world’s leading providers of renewable energy products. GLE is a clean energy technology company that develops, produces and delivers renewable fuels and products. GLE produces biofuels from its global crop projects for the transportation markets. We also develop high energy efficiency products that use renewable energy fuels for both commercial and domestic markets. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver quality products and services to this new and rapidly growing global market. Our Biofeed Stock Products, Biodiesel Fuels, and Bio-lubricants are developed with the highest industry standards, and our Off Grid Power Generators come in various modules with targeted usage. In all of the above areas we are developing products suitable for a wide range of users and applications.