Offering a complete choice of products which include Plant Protectors such as Jatropha Extract Oil and Plant Protector.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive range of Plant Protector, which is a liquid biological insecticide & plant protector. This is manufactured based on chitinase enzyme, which is effective against pest and insects harmful in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. Our range of Bio-Pal is capable of controlling pest like White flies, Gall fly, Aphids, Thrips, Mealy bug, Mites, Black fly, Pod fly, Brown plant hoppers, Scale insects etc.

Organic in Insecticide Chitin and Jatropha Extract Base:

Our range of Organic in Insecticide Chitin and Jatropha Extract Base is a Bio-Killer. This is an organic insecticide based on bio-extract of Jatropha effective against sucking pests and insects. This is suitable for all agriculture crops and is a powerful organic insecticide acts on insects as a deterrent, repellent, anti feedant, growth retardant, molt-inhibitor and sterilant.