GLE’s Og Power Box is a major technology breakthrough. It will change the way home owners and small business owners manage their energy needs. In some ways our platform is like a furnace in that it will supply all of your space heating and hot water. It is completely automated and is operated by use of a thermostat and runs on the same type of fuel. However that is where the similarity ends. You see, GLE generates electricity on demand and at almost zero cost. Talk about a revolution!

True Energy Independence : For the first time consumers and businesses alike have an option when it comes to rising electricity costs. Fortunately with GLE the option is to reduce electricity costs to almost zero. When is the last time your utility gave you that option.

Safe & Reliable : Your comfort and safety is our number one concern. The Og Power Box is completely safe & reliable. All systems are rigorously tested and meet all of the Government safety requirements including UL, ULC and CSA.

Home & Small Businesses : Don’t let the small size of the Og Power Box fool you. This baby packs a lot of energy. In fact our platform is designed to be able to generate 100% of the heat, hot water & electricity needs of most homes and small businesses today.

Generate Electricity : With an Og Power Box you can generate 100% of your electricity needs on demand and save money.

Become a Dealer : Our goal is to set up dealers all across North America to meet the huge demand we have for our platform. If you are interested in becoming a dealer contact us. We have a limited number of opportunities available to qualified applicants. For more information on our Og Power Box, Please contact us at: ogpowerbox@golballeafenergy.com


1-15 Kilowatts : With an Og Power Box you can generate between 1-15 KW of electricity on demand. No other system offers this today!

It’s a Furnace Too : A Og Power Box is also a highly efficient furnace that will supply all of your heating & hot water requirements.

Energy on Tap : A Og Power Box offers you the security of true on-demand power. No need to worry about power-outages anymore.

Flex Fuel : An amazing feature about GLE is that it can run on different fuel types including natural gas, propane and even wood pellets.

Low Maintenance : Due to our superior technology and unique design GLE is built to operate virtually maintenance-free.