Welcome to the on-line information center for jatropha. is dedicated and growing the site where you get all the information about the jatropha plant, products and services for its development. Our site gives each and every detail about the jatropha plant and its uses and advantages. Our main aim of promoting this site is to brief the importance of biodiesel that is easily extracted from the seeds of jatropha plant, and to develop business relationship for the long term. The production and use of bio-fuel using vegetable oil was started since the ancient days. Rudolph diesel was the first man who demonstrated the use of biodiesel which was extracted from peanut. But today due to global warming and rapid climatic changes, sudden increase in the fuel prices etc., has paid the way for new and intensified interest in the field of bio-fuel. This made scientist and researchers to discover the biofuel from the jatropha plantHere in GLE you will come to know all the basic requirements of jatropha, its uses, and how oil is extracted from it. Further you are also provided with the information about investing in jatropha.

Global Leaf Energy Corp., (GLE) combines the power of science and technology with the “Human Element” to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. Our Company connects renewable energy and innovation with the principles of sustainability to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems such as the need for clean and renewable energy generation and conservation, and increasing agricultural productivity.

Energy will continue to be the catalyst for global economic growth and prosperity. We believe that a sustainable energy future is connected to innovative technologies and materials from biofeed stock.A sustainable energy future requires us to all rethink our energy future – working together as individuals, governments and businesses to develop breakthrough solutions for clean, sustainable and affordable energy. We call this “Renewable Energy Designed by Nature”.

Today, buildings, transportation and industry and the related power generation needed to supply them account for the vast majority of global energy consumption and its corresponding CO2 emissions. According to the International Energy Agency development and deployment of new low carbon energy technologies can result in energy use that is one-third lower than otherwise projected demand across all three sectors by 2050.

GLE’s diversifies its portfolio to specialize in agro sciences, biofeed stock products, biofuels production, advanced electric power generation, and renewable energy businesses that delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers worldwide and in high growth sectors such as biodiesel fuels, Jet A-1 fuels, and other agriculture energy products.

A core component of GLE’s plan is to reprioritize government support and policy to accelerate the development of effective and more sustainable alternative energy sources, including renewables. With GLE’s contributions, alternative and renewable energy solutions are already becoming more efficient, more effective and more affordable.According to analysis by the Pew Charitable Trusts, policies that advance the clean energy economy show great promise because they create incentives to develop technologies, infrastructure and processes for clean energy, efficiency and conservation. As the saying goes, “It is easy to find the first investor to the second plant.” The U.S. Government and many others countries has developed many different programs to support and make renewable energy a reality.

GLE is developing and creating innovative renewable and alternative energy solutions, from groundbreaking portable electric power generators technology, to innovate carbon-neutral biofuel applications.

Many of GLE’s energy solutions are connected to four critical market opportunities:
1. Recycling Waste Products
2. Renewable Energy Biofuels Crop Projects
3. Refinery of Biodiesel Fuels
4. Off Grid Power Generators
Finally, GLE supports the federal government’s efforts to provide financial support to enable leadership in advancing development of new renewable energy technologies.
GLE calls for more: Direct loans, loan guarantees and other appropriate aid to fund cost-shared demonstration of off grid electric power generation. The extension of financial incentives to provide for public/private research on next generation biofuels, including renewable feedstocks, as multiple chemical and plastic products could eventually be made using bio-based instead of fossil-derived feedstocks. The continuation of incentives to develop the next generation of energy storage devices. For more information on our company, Please contact us at: