Global Leaf Energy Corp., (GLE) is a complete, full service, general contractor specializing in all forms of construction and development.

In addition, we offer years of experience as a general contractor for your turnkey project, merging a complete chain of high-quality services with a wide selection of system products from our own production.

GLE Construction Group specializes in planning and implementing of construction services. As a financially strong and reliable partner, we make sure that your project will be finished and available to you within the expected cost and time frame.

Our Project Development includes:

  1. Feasibility studies

  2. Location and segment analysis

  3. Property valuation

  4. Development of financing models

  5. Creation of master plans, including operating models and building maintenance

  6. Project monitoring

  7. Cost control

  8. Schedule control

  9. All planning services

  10. Project and site management

Construction Group Site Logistics Construction Group Site Logistics

Construction logistics as a part of logistics combines the coordination of trades, the warehousing as well as the traffic control at site. Experience has shown that the success of a project depends on several factors: good planning, simple and reliable processes, and a continuous workflow. All this is facilitated by efficient planning of construction logistics and properly organized secondary processes.

Our experienced experts have the necessary practical and technical know-how to assist you every step of the way. We devise individual solutions for your projects, whether in building construction or civil engineering. Our comprehensive concepts and support right from initial planning stage will help you optimize the operation of your construction site.

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Pre Design

Prior to implementing a construction design, GLE will provide an existing condition investigation in order to determine what is necessary so GLE can build what our customers want. GLE will provide new designs or updates on existing designs to owners and their design teams allowing the job to progress easily from conception to completion.

Design Services

GLE Construction Group encompasses a myriad of unique options from As Built Updates to space planning. Our Design Services can include:

  1. Evacuation Routes

  2. As Built Updates

  3. Conceptual Designs

  4. Space Planning

  5. Departmental Rebalancing

  6. Filed Verifications CAD services

  7. Outsourced Professional Architectural Design Services

  8. Feasibility Studies